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By Alberto Riva

A weekly bioinformatics blog, mostly about software.

A new post every Monday, describing software tools that we developed and are using routinely at the UF ICBR Bioinformatics Core. Most of the tools I will describe are installed on UF’s HiPerGator cluster computer, but may also be available through my GitHub repositories.  Feel free to contact me for more information and details about these tools.


Recent Posts

Getting a handle on your storage

May 7th, 2018

If you’re working in genomics and bioinformatics, most likely you’ve run out of disk space at some point in your life. We deal with large datasets that have a way […]

Job management made easier

Apr 16th, 2018

Last week we saw how to launch jobs using the submit command. After doing that you usually need to check running jobs, and occasionally modify or cancel them. In this […]

The submit command

Apr 8th, 2018

The submit command is a user-friendly replacement for sbatch (under slurm) or qsub (under PBS). It is available in the dibig_tools module, and offers several useful features compared to the […]

Introducing dibig_tools!

Mar 28th, 2018

dibig_tools is a collection of software for bioinformatics that I developed over the last few years. It is available as a module on HiPerGator, and it includes the following: My […]