Talks, journal clubs, and other events

Single-Cell Analysis Working Group

  • Date and time: 1/31/2020 1pm
  • Location: CTRB 4240C
  • Topic: Introductions and planning

The Single-Cell Analysis Working Group meets every month to discuss topics related to single-cell RNA-Seq. Meetings are usually held the last Friday of each month in the CTRB building. See detailed schedule below.

Non-exhaustive list of possible discussion topics:

  • Introductory tutorials
  • Experiment design guidelines
  • Tool benchmarks
  • Other (non-10X) single-cell platforms
  • Methods for automatic cluster / cell classification
  • Spatial profiling
  • Data integration (scRNA-Seq with bulk RNA-Seq, scATAC-Seq, etc)
  • Computational challenges, HPG, software development
  • Visualization, results presentation (R/Shiny)

For more information please contact Alberto Riva (ICBR), Jason Brant (Diabetes Institute), Simone Marini (Dept of Epidemiology).