Bioinformatics and computational biology courses @ UF


2017 – 2018 course catalog
Numerical Methods in Structural Biology ( BCH 6749C Robert McKenna
Introduction to Bioinformatics (BSC4434_sample syllabus) BSC 4434 Valerie de Crecy-Legard
Fundamentals of Bioinformatics (BSC6459_sample syllabus) BSC 6459 Valerie de Crecy-Legard
R for Functional Genomics BSC 6438/MCB 4320C Ana Conesa
Bioinformatics ( CAP 5510 Tamer Kahveci
Computational Molecular Biology CAP 5515 My T. Thai
Big Data For the Biologist GMS 5905 Lauren McIntyre
Application of Bioinformatics in Genetics Research (GMS6014_sylabus_2018Spring) GMS 6014 Lei Zhou
Computers in Biology GMS 6079 Gerry Shaw
Advanced Applications of Bioinformatics in Genetics (GMS6232_syllabus_2017Fall) GMS 6232 Lei Zhou
Genomics and Bioinformatics (GMS6231_sample syllabus) GMS 6231 Matias Kirst/Lauren McIntyre/Sixue Chen
Translational Bioinformatics  (GMS6804_sample syllabus) GMS 6804 Francois Modave
Modeling in Mathematical Biology ( MAP  4484/5489 Sergei Pilyugin
The Microbiome (formerly Bacterial Genome Sequencing and Analysis) (MCB4320C_sample syllabus) MCB4320C Eric Triplett & Jennifer Drew
Nematode Systematics and Molecular Phylogeny (has a corresponding lab section) (NEM6102_sample syllabus) NEM 6102 Tesfamariam Mekete Mengistu
Big Data for Biological Applications ( CIS 6930 Christina Boucher
Python Programming for Biologists (BSC2891_sample syllabus) BSC 2891 Bryan Kolaczkowski